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iLight Remote app not longer connects to the EG2?

The iLight Remote app works in conjunction with the EG2 Ethernet Gateway. Please ensure that your EG2 is still powered. Cycling the power to the EG2 (turn off/on) can resolve a dropped connection with the router.

If you know the IP address of the EG2 you can check if it is present on the WiFi network, either via your router admin settings or by pinging the IP address from a PC/laptop that is on the same WiFi network (use Run...>cmd>ping <type ip address> then Enter).

If you have recently changed your router or service provider then the IP settings may have also changed and the EG2 will need reprogramming to correct this. This may require an iLight engineer visit.

If you are using a static IP address for the EG2, ensure that the IP has not been allocated to something else as this will create a conflict. In domestic applications it is usually better to use DHCP (dynamic) IP allocation and cycling the power to the EG2 will normally resolve any IP conflicts.

Also ensure that the smartphone/ tablet running the iLight app is connected to the same WiFi as the EG2.

If you require further assistance please email to establish dialogue with an iLight support engineer