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Is it possible to turn off the button back light on a Control Panel (keypad)?

To prevent button LEDs on Control Panels from illuminating, set the Select Scene action to the release action of the button, and leave the press action set to No Action. The same method can be used for Scene Toggle.

The LED Control action is used to override button LED status manually. This action only applies to the device in which it is located and cannot target another device on the network. To remotely trigger an LED Control action you will need to place the LED Control command in a sequence within the target panel, and this sequence can then be started remotely from any other input (Start Sequence'x' in another device...)

For Channel Toggle to function it must assigned to the press action, with no release action assignment. Overriding LED status is more difficult because of this and would be counter to the operation of the lighting, as the operator will not have any indication of the current status of any given channel.

In a common scenario of a bedside control panel, it is only necessary to set the Off button (Scene 0) on the release action so that the LED does not come on. By selecting Scene 0, any other buttons indicating current scene for this Area will turn off if not Scene 0. Likewise, any buttons for Channel toggle that are assigned to this same Area will also extinguish.