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Why after a power failure is touch pad not working?

If a touchscreen is not displaying, the first thing to confirm is whether is power to the unit.

The TSC Touchscreen models are powered by a dedicated 9Vdc (TSC30) or 12V (TSC50) power supply. (This is external to the touchscreen unit and location of installation is at the discretion of the installer).

On the rear of the TSC models is a green LED that is lit when the unit is receiving power from the power supply. On TSC30 models it is possible to see this by removing the front face-plate as the green LED light should be visible through the clear plastic surround in a sufficiently dark room.

The TSC50 model is held into the wall box with spring loaded clips and does not require tools to extract from the wall. The green power LED is on the reverse of the unit near the network connection. Take care not to pull on any cables while removing the screen.

An electrician can test for 9V or 12V power on the 2-pin power connector.

If there is no power, the power supply needs to be located and tested or replaced.