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Which LED downlights are compatible with SCI type dimmers

The SCI Inductive Source Controller models are leading-edge mains dimming units suitable for controlling resistive and inductive load types. These include mains dimmable incandescent lamps, low-voltage electromagnetic transformers, and low-voltage electronic dimmable transformers compatible with leading-edge phase dimming. Some LED lighting is supported, but testing should be conducted prior to installation / conversion to assess suitability. Fluorescent and metal-halide lighting is not suitable for control by the SCI Inductive models.

Although most leading manufacturers provide LED equivalent lamps, we are not able to recommend specific manufacturers as changes in the manufacturing process occur so frequently that we cannot guarantee absolute compatibility.

Instead we recommend either sending us some samples to test, or trying some samples yourself, ensuring that when you do that, ALL tungsten fittings are removed from the circuit in question before trying any LED lamps.