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Can I use another processor PCB in my iLight dimmer?

The processor PCB (CPU) in each iLight source controller stores the output settings for that specific unit (Area, Channel, Scene Levels). This information must be retained and transferred into a replacement processor PCB in order for the unit to continue to operate as before.

Most iLight wall mounted Source Controller type use the same single phase processor PCB, with the exception of the SCI1210/SCI1220 Inductive models which use a three-phase processor PCB.

Replacement processor PCB can be ordered directly from Eaton Lighting Systems, and sometimes it is possible to supply the board pre-programmed if we have the latest version of the system configuration in our archive and can confirm the exact Source Controller to ensure the settings will match. If this configuration is not held by us and you do not have the means to program the unit yourself (iLight software required) then an Eaton engineer will need to attend site once the board is delivered to re-create the unit's configuration.

If you are a distributor / installer with access to the iLight software and a copy of the existing unit configuration, a new processor PCB can be ordered (Source Controller model must be stated) and the configuration uploaded (Resend) provided that the device ID, e.g. 255-123, has been set first on the new PCB.

If you have access to a spare processor PCB already, you must ensure that the firmware in the replacement PCB matches the model you are fitting it into. If this is not the case, please contact the tech support team directly for advice - 

To order parts please email the tech support team directly using this same address along with details of the source controller model and a quotation can be arranged.