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My PC Node does not work.

The PC Node is powered from the iLight network so you must first make sure that you have enough voltage at the point where you are connecting your PC Node. The PC Node requires 12Vdc, but will operate down to 10Vdc minimum.

If you have confirmed that you have enough power, check if the green LED on the PC Node flashes when it is connected to the iLight network. When it is plugged in without an active connection to the PC it will flash 2xper second. When a connection is established from iLight software this green LED will flash 1 x per second.

If the green LED does not flash at all then there is no power reaching the PC Node, or the RJ12 cable might be damaged, or the PC Node is faulty. Check you cable is OK first and try another cable, or connect to a different point on the iLight network.

If the green LED is on permanently and des not flash then this indicates a fault with the PC Node and it will need replacing.

If the red LED on the PC Node is always lit then this shows there is a data error and this could either be a fault on the PC Node or it is a problem with your iLight network.

Lastly, if the LEDs are OK on the PC Node and you have power, check that the Serial-USB converter is connected OK and that you have installed the rivers for this onto your PC.