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I am getting an 'unable to open port' message when trying to connect to the iLight network

'Unable to open port' appears when the iLight software is unable to establish a connection with the iLight CAN network. This can be for several reasons:

1. Check that the USB-serial converter is being recognised and the drivers have been correctly installed (search the knowledge base for 'USB converter drivers' for instructions)

2. If using the supplied USB converter, make sure that the 'Use Cooper Controls USB Converter' option is ticked in the iCANlink Settings window.

3. Check that your iLight PC Node has a green flashing LED on it. If it is dim and not flashing, or not lit, then this suggests that there is insufficient voltage at the point where you are connecting to the iLight network to power your PC Node. If the green LED is normal brightness and static (not flashing) this is an indication that the PC node itself is not functioning and may need replacing.

When low-voltage is suspected, connect to the underside of an operational Source Controller where there is a guaranteed 12Vdc supply.

4. Check all cables and plugs to ensure they are in good condition and do not show any damage which may be a break. It is important to preserve the plastic clips on the RJ12 plug-ends as these secure the plug in position when plugged into the programming socket on a Source Controller, Control Panel or Touchscreen.

5. If using a third-party USB-serial converter, ensure the drivers are installed (see Device Manager) and if this is using a COM Port allocation, make sure that this matches the COM Port selected in the iCANlink Settings window.

If you have checked the suggestions above and still cannot achieve a connection, please email your contact details to and we will get in touch.