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How do I install the driver for the Cooper Controls USB converter?

All the necessary drivers are included with an installation of the iLight software. We recommend that you use latest version of the iLight software package, to ensure that you have the latest drivers. This is especially important if updating to Windows 10.

Registered users can download the current release from the Download Centre (

Sometimes Windows fails to automatically locate and install the drivers for the USB-serial converter. To install these manually use the following method:

  • Go to Control Panel > Device Manager (type 'device manager' in the Windows search bar for a shortcut)
  • Plug in the USB-serial converter supplied in your SW-2 software kit.
  • Look under Other Devices for 'Unknown Device' or 'iLight USB'. If in doubt, unplug the USB-serial converter and see what disappears, then reconnect.
  • Right-click on this device and select Update Driver.
  • Choose the Manual (browse) option to locate the driver file and click Next
  • Browse to the location of the iLight software installation folder. This is commonly C:\Program Files (x86)\Cooper Controls\iCANsoft\USB Drivers.
    You do not need to locate a specific file, only the USB Drivers folder.
  • Click Next and the driver installation will commence. If you see any warnings appear, allow this process to continue.
  • You will be notified when the Cooper Controls USB Converter has been installed and can close this window.
  • In Device Manager the Cooper Controls USB Converter will now appear as a known device in the Universal Serial Bus (USB) category.
  • You may need to close and reopen the iLight software if it is running in the background for the connection to be established.